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DTG or also known as Direct to Garment refers to a method of textile printing. DTG printing specializes in printing directly on to the garment. Think of it like a printer but instead of loading paper, you load a shirt and it prints just like a printer would. It lays the white down first, then the colors. Once you add heat, its all ready to go! DTG requires one additional step with a pretreatment spray that helps the specialized ink adhere to the shirt

DTF or also known as Direct to Film refers to a method of printing the graphic onto a film which then can be applied to the apparel directly as it comes out of the printer or days later. With this method, the graphics are pre-printed and are applied by heat and pressure with a heat-press machine. 

The great thing about DTG and DTF is that the number of colors that your graphic has, does not matter. You can have as many colors as you want! Whereas with screen printing, you are limited to how many colors your press has slots for. 



Basic: Gildan, Jerzee, Port Company

Premium: District, Next Level


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